Welcome to Crushed Celluloid!

Marcus: I’ve been obsessed with movies for as far back as I can remember. While other kids would hang out with friends, do family activities, or…go outside, I got taken to the video store to grab 4-6 movies to last me through the weekend (and they were damn good babysitters too). My love of film continued to grow through the years as I ate up anything I could get my hands on, good or bad. I met Cole in high school and found someone that shared my intense love of cinema. Throughout the years, we’ve helped expose each other to as much as possible. Although our tastes and opinions vary, the common bond we share is a hunger for more. We started this podcast to discover or revisit movies long since forgotten (and add even more obscure references to our conversations). Honestly, watching, dissecting, and discussing movies is something we’d be doing anyway, so we figured we might as well share it with you. We hope you enjoy our site and search out more films because of it.


Cole: Almost 10 years ago I met my best friend, Marcus, in high-school. We hung out for the first time outside of school when we went to see a showing of A Clockwork Orange at the local college. From then on we came together on our mutual love of movies, in all shapes and forms. He introduced me to things, I introduced him to things. While we started off with very similar opinions on movies, we have since drifted apart, and even as we moved away from each other we still would always come together to talk about movies, good & bad.

One day we were discussing Space Jam as I argued it probably would not hold up nowadays and he disagreed. We decided to individually watch it and come back together to discuss it (I was right). This discussion sprawled out into an idea for a podcast, this podcast spun out into an idea for a website based around us talking about movies, and this is where we are now. Agree or disagree with us, we at least hope you can tell how much love goes into this.

March 25th, 2014