WLTW Presents: Hey Vern, It's a Podcast! Episode 1: Ernest Goes To Camp/It's Food!

In this pilot episode of a new series with a team-up between Crushed Celluoid and We Love To Watch has Marcus Jones and Peter Moran beginning a journey to cover everything Ernest. Each episode, they will watch one Ernest movie along with one episode of his 1 season kid's show from 1988, Hey Vern, It's Ernest! This will create a limited run 13 episode series where the guys will talk about the merits and popularity of Ernest, as well as how the work holds up versus childhood nostalgia. Get ready for some terrible Ernest impressions, really bad jokes (more from us than from the movies), and probably a good bit of cultural insensitivity (that one's on the movies). It's sure to be a wild ride that not a one of you asked for!


October 1st, 2017